What we do

We take bookings for group workshops and programs, delivered to your preferred location by our experienced team.

If you would like to join an existing group workshop, please see our Upcoming Workshops page.

Our workshops and programs are designed by an arts therapist and community arts worker, to help participants achieve a creative flow state, as a tool for improving mental health and creating better connections within communities. 

There is no experience or skills required in our processed based creative workshops.

We guide participants to create something meaningful in an environment free from judgement and pressure.


We offer a wide range of workshops suitable to all kinds of Community Groups, Local Government, Libraries and Not for Profits.


Choose from 4 to 10 sessions in a program, delivered weekly, fortnightly, or monthly.Our programs allow the group more time to connect with each other, and get the best outcomes from our offerings. We can tailor a program for your group, or choose from our Outcome based Programs.


Our workshops can be tailored to suit the goals and interests of your team. We specialise in burnout prevention using creative self care, and building stronger team relationships.

Group Art Therapy

One off workshops that delve deeper into our shared experiences, or ongoing programs for likeminded groups of people. Facilitated to share with others and create a community minded approach to healing, with individualised support.

Art therapy workshops are facilitated by a qualified Art Therapist, registered with PACFA.


Include a bright and fun activity to your next event, with easy booking and great options for small to large scale events. We engage young people and adults to create their own piece, or collaborate on murals and more.

Outreach & Engagement

Using arts, people can easily engage with Art Jam activities. This helps us to slip in accessible and meaningful conversations around mental health and wellbeing. This can help to reduce stigma, or help someone ‘feel seen’ and begin their journey to mental wellness. We use creative tools for community consultation, data collection and message delivery.

Types of workshops

Here are some of our workshops that you can book. Some are more suited to small groups in confidential spaces, and others are more suited to events or engagement opportunities. We are able to adjust many aspects of our workshops to suit the participants, venue or outcomes required.

Contact us if you are not sure what best fits your situation, or you want something different to these!

Our facilitators have different qualifications, let us know if you require a registered Art Therapist.

Mindful Marbling

Best For: Small Groups

Focus: Mindfulness, acceptance, letting go

Skills: Suminagashi style marbling

Perspective Drawing

Best for: Small Groups

Focus: Empathy, Understanding

Skills: Drawing, painting


Best For: Small or Large Groups

Focus: Self Care, Goal setting, Identifying personal issues

Skills: Cutting, composition

Creative Journals

Best For: Small or Large groups

Focus: Identity, Self Care, Reflecting

Skills: Embroidery, collage, other

Sketch Connection

Best for: Groups

Focus: Co-regulating, playfulness, connecting with others

Skills: Oil pastels

Inner Landscapes

Best for: Groups, individuals

Focus: Playfulness, self awareness, intuition

Skills: Experimenting with different mediums

Clay Meditation

Best For: Small groups

Focus: Meditation, self reflection

Skills: Clay handwork

Emotional Intelligence

Best For: Individuals, Small Groups

Focus: Empathy, understanding, relationships

Skills: Mark making

Screen Printing DIY Stencils

Best For: Small or Large Groups, Teens

Focus: Self expression, identity,

Skills: Screen printing, designing and cutting stencils

Mural Boards

Best For: Large Groups, Events

Focus: Self expression, collaboration

Skills: Painting

Screen Printing with Risos

Best For: Large Groups, Events, Engagement

Focus: Self expression

Skills: Screen printing